Do you like coffee? Are you travelling to Colombia in December?  Are you looking for a way to help others while you know amazing landscapes, cities and places?
We are looking for a volunteer!
We are a change initiative started by two sisters and based in Manizales (Colombia). During December we are going to develop a three week “Vacation English course” in a neighborhood called Agustinos in Manizales. There will be two groups: children during mornings and adults during afternoon from Tuesday to Thursday. We can offer you accommodation and meals in our typical Colombian family. In that way you will be able to practice Spanish in a real environment and help people who wants to communicate in English. You will be free for tourism from Friday to Monday where we will not have classes. We can offer you accommodation from December 1st to December 31st. The course is planned from December 4th to 21st. You can share Christmas and New Year with our family if you want!!!
Contact us: legadosophos@gmail.com