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Sometimes life take you to unexpected places and let you know people who is working in the dream of change the world. Thanks to our previous post about Comuna 13, it was possible to know the project that Prime Medellín develops there: Stairway to English

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Weekly, three young men from England go to the first part of the outdoor escalators in Comuna 13. There, kids, youths and adults wait for them to assist to their free english lessons. One of the most amazing things is that parents and their children are learning english. It is also possible to find foreigns and Colombians going as volunteers to help in the different activities related with the classes. It is really nice to feel like you are at home when you are there, see around people who want to learn and people who is so happy teaching.

Thanks to this project, Stairway Storytellers was born. They learned english with the help of Prime Medellín and now they are working in show their neighborhood to Colombians and foreigns by a “Free walking tour”.  It is awesome the level of their english, and ever more awesome their ability to built the dream of a more peaceful Comuna 13. Prime Medellín develops this project not only in the learning of english as a second language but also with yoga clases, cultural programs as cine club and even a community garden with carrots, pineapples and sunflowers. Additionally, Prime develops a similar project in Santo Domingo.

This kind of work is also useful as inspiration for the others that are starting, like us Sophos: legado que trasciende. It let us believe that is possible to achieve that “your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more” (Jack Welch). I invite you to know and support this social project, because changes become possible thanks to people that do something like Casey, Andy y Ed do.

By Sandra López

Versión en español

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