Pueblito Paisa: a look to the past (Medellín)

“Pueblito Paisa” is located in Nutibara hill. This is a perfect place to enjoy the city around you and the espectacular sunsets of Medellin. You will find there a little representation of the traditional villages of Antioquia.

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To arrive to “Pueblito Paisa” you can use the Metro by going to Industriales station and walk around 10 minutes. Nutibara hill is a special place for sports and to take your pets for a walk. In the upper part of Nutibara hill, you will find Pueblito Paisa. You will enjoy a representation of a traditional village on Antioquia with its church, its park, school and balcony houses. You will also see old kitchen or bedrooms equipments. Even how the dentists places were before.

If you would like to buy Souvenirs this is a wonderful place. Many hand made articles and even candies are found. This is a little place but the view of Medellin there is amazing! Go the to see the sunset, for sure you will enjoy it!

By Sandra López

Versión en Español

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