Abejorral: The house in the air

The guy who decided to become true the house in the air from the famous song of Escalona was really creative. Our day started early because the bus from Medellin to “la Casa en el Aire ” leaves the north terminal at 5.30 am (Caribe station of the metro). The cost of the bus is 14.000 COP (4.6 USD aprox.) it is with SONAR at ticket office #5 (phone436 4385). After waking up so early sleep during the 3 h of road was easy. The good part is that the bus driver wakes you up when you arrive to the meeting point. It was amazing to see the mountains landscape and coffee farms of the regions. When we went out of the bus we wanted to take thousands of photos!!!

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“Te voy a hacer una casa en el aire, solamente pa’ que vivas tú” Rafael Escalona

From the point where we met the guide we walk near 1 h to reach the house in the air. The most risky guys decided to start the adventure arriving to the house by canopy (20.000 COP – 6.6 USD). The canopy has near 400 m and let us observe the Buey river and Cerro San Vicente, it also makes you fill with adrenaline and start the day with a lot of energy. When we arrived to the house we ate a sandwich that we took from Medellin, they do not sell food in the house but it is possible to use the kitchen and cook by yourself.

To get into the house you cross a suspension bridge, our idea was to enjoy all day in the house (24.000 COP – 7.8 USD with previous reservation) but you can also stay overnight (66.000 COP – 21.6 USD with previous reservation and in multiple accommodation). The house have kitchen, bathroom, shower, blankets and the best view of the region!!!

Our second activity in the house were the hammocks (30.000 COP – 9.8 USD). I was really impressed with the idea to stay suspended so high and with that amazing view! It was really interesting to observe how the guy put the hammocks, it seems so easy for him! The most interesting part was when my turn to go into the hammock arrived. I did not know that I was afraid of heights before. Even with the airsickness I enjoyed just sitting down in the hammack, observe the fog, the mountains, and the people taking their time in the house. I was fut to try to take a selfie with my shaking hands.

When our time in the hammocks finished, we go around the house. We were in every room and get awesome with the bathroom and showers. Everything with nature around!

We also visited the other two refuges, not so high for the most scared with the altitude o the ones who prefer privacy. Some other travelers wanted to jump from the window in the “Péndulo”. An extreme activity, full of adrenaline. Throw yourself into the void and once there enjoy the nature that surrounds you.

When lunch time arrived we take another sandwich, however, other travelers were more intelligent and ask the lunch in advance to a woman from the region (12000 COP – 3.9 USD). After eating we decide to walk around into the nature near the house. We come back just in time before a big rain started. People in the house were really friendly and let us take a nap before coming back to Medellin. The last bus leaves at 4 pm and they helped us to make the bus reservation by phone. This place is amazing! Not only because of the landscapes and extreme activities but also because of the people who receive you and is always worried to make you feel like and invited, make you feel like you are in home.

By Sandra Milena López Zamora

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