Santafé de Antioquia: colonial place

Santafe de Antioquia is located one hour far from Medellin. This little town was the first capital of Antioquia department. It is characterized by its well preserved colonial architecture and its summer weather, which invite you to be at the swimming pool for a long time.

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You can take a bus from North Terminal to Santafe de Antioquia. When we arrived we had the opportunity to know an artist from Medellin that makes art from jelly and who surprised us with his Floripostres. It is wonderful how he is able to transform the jelly into 3D flowers or images. ¡The dessert was as tasty as beautiful!

After enjoyed the Floripostre and a delicious fruit juice at the principal park, we decided to walk over all the stone streets of the place. Every house took us to the past and let us discover the memories of old times and a little part of the Colombian history.

It was really curios to see the combination between new technologies and the colonial style homes. We saw the contrast between the new transport ways (cars and motorcycles) and the old ones like horses. We also had the opportunity to go into the museum (free enter) which present part of the city history and shows the art from the ancient native cultures of the region.

At lunch time, it was possible to pick between a lot of different kind of foods. Our decision was the famous Bandeja Paisa. The particularity with the restaurants are the door frames which are decorated with plants.

To finish our little trip, we visited the Puente de Occidente (West Bridge).It was built between 1887 and 1895 by the Engineer José Maria Villa. This suspension bridge is 291 m long and is considered a national monument. At his moment, it was the 7th suspension bridge in the world due to its importance. At its origins, Puente de Occidente was the longest in South America.  This is a work of engineering that worth to know.


By Sandra Milena López

Versión en Español

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